Chemistry through Smart Logistics

Den Hartogh Logistics is one of the leading Logistics Service Providers. Our family-owned organisation was established in The Netherlands in 1920. As a bulk logistics service provider for the chemical, gas, polymer and food industry, we combine the best elements to create the optimal solution for each situation. Safety and operational excellence are embedded in our culture.

Den Hartogh has a presence in every region of the world, with premises/offices in 42 locations within 23 countries. Our workforce consists of more than 1,700 people and our modern equipment includes more than 18,000 tank containers, 6,500 dry bulk containers and specialised dry bulk trailers, 400 tank trailers and almost 600 trucks.

Chemistry through smart logistics

Chemical logistics is our business, and personal chemistry with customers our aim. We bring almost 100 years experience of delivering Smart Logistics for the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Our Culture

First of all, our aim is to create chemistry with our partners. In case some challenges occur, together we search for the solution. Our employees work together with our partners’ staff, and even with our partners’ customers in order to make it work!

Den Hartogh combines a 5-years strategy with a “check-up” in the third year. Our approach involves all of our employees and is also connected with budgets. This is how we all participate in the growth of our business.

All employees are informed about relevant topics by mail, board computer, narrow casting, internal magazines and newsletters and in person by their manager. On a quarterly base employees around the world are informed about successes and challenges.

Group Managing Director Pieter Den Hartogh gets his energy from working together with a great team, always looking for chances and opportunities to improve and create distinctive power. Our chemistry, which includes ambition, initiative, ownership and teamwork, enables all employees to make a difference.

Our Mission

Ambitious People Realising Creative Logistics Solutions.

Our Vision

Recognising the continuous change of our society, Den Hartogh Logistics has organised itself in such a way that adaptation and pro-activeness are a generic given. As a preferred logistics service provider, we shall innovate, grow and be a stable factor.

Within Den Hartogh Group we embrace and live by a set of core values that reflect the chemistry and atmosphere we want to work in. We create the right environment to deliver our smart solutions. Our 8 core values are: Improvement, Openness, Respect, Fun in Business, Initiative, Engagement, People Development and Caring.

Den Hartogh truly believe The Big Logistics Challenge is an opportunity not to be missed.

Bringing together staff from our Hull, Stockton, Immingham and Wilton locations, coming from a wide variety of roles, varying levels of knowledge and experience, but guaranteed to bring fierce competitive spirit, fully united as one team. Team Den Hartogh.

We are sure the event will be packed with fun-filled & challenging team activities designed to really test us, but at the same time promoting and supporting the key benefits of diversity. The team are all really looking forward to the day already and under the current climate and challenges, it’s always good to be focussed on something really positive too.

Our core values are very important to us at Den Hartogh and the event fully supports one of these too: “Fun in business”. We like to work hard and play hard.

Bring it on!