Inside Warehouse Logistics IWL is a 365 day community for the UK Warehousing and Internal Logistics sector.

The core event for this community is Inside Warehouse Logistics Expo (IWLEX 23) which is held on 23rd/24th May 2023

at The Telford International Centre.

IWLEX is a purpose driven event, shaped by the industry for the industry.  It is underpinned by six core pillars of Inclusivity, Innovation, Community, Commerce, Sustainability and Wellbeing.

IWLEX aims to create value for the UK warehousing and internal logistics sector, and to encourage and promote behaviours which contribute positively to the people and communities it serves.   It will provide a fresh and diverse and inclusive marketplace for people to build relationships and do business.

To join the IWL community please visit:

IWLEX is proud to support and partner with The Big Logistics Diversity Challenge as we have a shared purpose, to ensure that the industry in which we operate is inclusive and diverse. IWLEX is a purpose focused organisation founded on 6 core pillars, Inclusion (which incorporates diversity) is one of them. We aim to promote and encourage and engender positive change by partnering with organisations who are driving forward activity that support our pillars. The Big Logistics Diversity Challenge has been specifically designed to promote the importance of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) across the logistics and warehousing sectors so is the perfect partner to ensure IWLEX makes a positive impact in this area. They will support IWLEX through our community and events and we will in turn do all we can to support them and raise awareness of The Big Logistics Diversity Challenge and the importance of diversity and inclusion.