Certas Roadside Services brings together three businesses as one, Certas Retail, Certas Fuel Cards and SNAP.

Certas Roadside Services make every road journey for all their customers, safer, easier and more sustainable across the UK and Europe through world class products, facilities and customer service.

Certas Retail owns and operates a network of just under 100 retail forecourts in the UK and supplies a further 600 sites under the Gulf and Pace brands. Their purpose is to perform as a high-level and efficient business partner to enable energy transition in mobility.

Certas Fuel Cards is an ideal solution to help fleet managers oversee fleet fuel spend and ensure consistent access to high-quality fuel that maximises output and efficiency. Certas Fuel Cards are accepted at over 3,600 refuelling sites nationwide, including discounted pricing at Certas Energy owned refuelling sites.

SNAP, connect the road transport industry through technology, security and an international network of service providers. Their flagship service SNAP Account provides over 6,500 fleets with a vehicle licence based payment system, simplifying fleet management from depot to destination. SNAP work with over 420 locations across Europe. SNAP Access and Security offer industry-leading security packages that combine modern technologies, expertise and market-leading security products to protect the people, vehicles and their contents.


After the highlights of last year, Certas Roadside Services is supporting The Big Logistics Diversity Challenge again and hope to add to the growing awareness of diversity in the transport sector. Certas Roadside Services wholeheartedly support the work done by Talent in Logistics to promote and aid the Transaid Charity.

To develop the HGV industry and solve the driver shortage, the importance of diversity is becoming increasingly prevalent. The challenges and obstacles outlined throughout the day prove the importance and necessity of diversity and how a team can benefit the transport industry.

Certas Roadside Services work with a wide array of nationalities across Europe - representing a variety of races, ages, genders and sexualities.

Each driver, fleet operator and site owner are essential to the industry, and the diversity within the sector helps to boost productivity and success, with different individuals of varying backgrounds able to offer different strengths.

Certas Roadside Services take a proactive stance against racism, and we challenge the slurs and stigma associated with the haulage industry and on social media.