Five Benefits of Workplace ED&I:


A diverse workforce with differing views, experiences and opinions add new skills to teams, helping deliver innovative solutions which not only improve a company’s performance, but the sector as a whole

Physical and mental wellbeing

Employees working within an inclusive organisation where everyone feels they belong, can be their true self and reach their full potential tend to have better mental and physical health

Staff morale

Workplaces where employees feel recognised and valued creates positive working relationships which makes work a nicer place to be for everyone, boosting morale and making individuals feel happier, relaxed and more motivated

Employer/employee trust

An environment where everyone is encouraged and feels safe to express their opinions freely and honestly benefits both employees and employers

Discrimination and prejudice

Interacting and sharing with colleagues from various backgrounds and with different experiences leads to better understanding which, in turn, reduces prejudices and stereotyping

“By attending the Big Logistics Diversity Challenge, forward-thinking companies already embracing EDI can share their experience and knowledge, highlight the benefits to the wider logistics community and, really importantly, challenge the industry’s outdated image.”

Clare Bottle, UK Warehousing Association CEO and a founder member of Women in Logistics