Challenge-trg Group is a leading UK recruitment business in the transport and logistics field with a multi-service offering that delivers end-to-end recruitment and training solutions. The Group, consisting of three established brands, provides a unique, integrated, multi-resource offering of recruitment, training, and transport across a range of sectors including logistics, warehousing, and manufacturing. ​

As a leader in the recruitment and logistics sector, we acknowledge and understand our responsibility to ensure we continually implement Group-wide activities and initiatives that contribute towards building a diverse workforce, not only for ourselves but also for our clients. Through our disruptive innovation, education, and training, we have continued to focus on our people-centred strategies to ensure we continue to build an inclusive business that enables colleagues to feel valued and reach their full potential.

We have a large workforce that covers the length and breadth of the UK, and we work hard to ensure there are open channels and platforms to enable colleagues to share their experiences. This helps us to continually improve colleague understanding of diversity, and in turn, helps us to work towards removing prejudice and stereotyping. As a business, we are committed to ensuring we develop these practices as well as implementing them within the logistics industry through collaboration with our clients.