We created Clipper Logistics Limited in 1992, with a team of just three people and a single driver. Today, we’re one of the UK’s leading logistics companies with a turnover of over £650m.

From the beginning, we understood that modern business was different. New expectations. New channels. New technology. And a new breed of consumers all pointed to new logistics solutions. We evolved. Challenged convention. Asked questions. And quickly embraced change.

This willingness to adapt made us the natural choice for a new generation of retailers and gave us invaluable expertise in fashion and high-value logistics. We remain committed to our founding principles of ability, agility, and credibility.

Today, through handpicked strategic acquisitions, organic growth, and a willingness to continuously evolve, we continue to keep our clients ahead of the retail curve.

Who Are We? 

  • We have over 11,000 highly skilled employees
  • We have a network of 55 European sites
  • We have 11.8 million square ft of warehousing space
  • We operate a fleet of over 450 vehicles