Kinaxia Logistics are a fast-growing, leading logistics company in the UK transport and warehouse sector. Built over the last 12 years by the acquisition of 13 profitable, privately owned companies who now work together to deliver a unique solution in the UK logistics market that combines local heritage and empathy within a dynamic national infrastructure that is distinctively Kinaxia. Today, Kinaxia is managed through three key sectors: Kinaxia Distribution, Kinaxia Primary & Kinaxia Logistics & Fulfilment.

Kinaxia Logistics are a leading logistics group operating within the UK transport and warehouse sector. We have created a multi-disciplined group of profitable, privately owned companies, across 13 key locations, working together to deliver a world class, market-leading service through our autonomous and ambitious workforce.
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is underrepresented within the logistics industry, and it is fundamental to the continued operation and growth of our business and the logistics industry to create a workforce that reflects our local communities.

We need to promote the logistics industry as a career choice across all genders, age groups and ethnicity to develop the industry for our future generations and ensure that the working environment and culture we operate in is conducive to support this diversity of workforce.