Martin Brower is dedicated to being the leading supply chain solutions service provider for restaurant chains around the world, creating an outstanding work environment for our employees and delivering unmatched value for our customers while protecting their brands.

In business for more than 60 years, we have grown into a multi-billion dollar company, fuelled by constant innovation, enduring customer loyalty and smart acquisitions. We take supply chain management personally − we do more than procure and move product; we deliver smart insights by collaborating and innovating every link in the supply chain.

Our purpose is simple, but bold: We make it easier to run great restaurants.

Whilst we operate in a traditionally male dominated industry, we recognise the intrinsic value that comes from having gender balanced teams – by participating in this event we hope to:

  • Demonstrate the value of diversity and inclusivity
  • Increase awareness amongst our workforce and stakeholders
  • Take ownership that as a leading supply chain solutions provider, we have a responsibility to contribute to the evolution of our industry’s workforce

We recognise that our future is now in terms of ensuring our workforce is prepared, equipped and truly agile – ready to embrace evolving business and workforce trends and challenges.