For more than 100 years the Royal Air Force (RAF) has defended the skies of the UK and protected its interests around the world. The RAF currently works with its allies and international partners to respond to threats, prevent conflict and provide assistance in this uncertain world. RAF Logisticians play a key part in its ability to conduct these activities. RAF Logistics primary functions are to get the right equipment, to the right place, at the right time and most importantly, in the right condition. This is done by utilising the expertise of five different Logistics Trades: Suppliers, Movers, Drivers, Chefs and Air and Ground Stewards.

Whether it’s supporting the day-to-day running of a RAF unit, or deploying aircraft, people and equipment around the globe, RAF Logistics are key to the success of every mission. Supply, Storage & Distributions Specialists are responsible for the management of all RAF assets from the receipt, storage, handling, and distribution of equipment to its ultimate disposal. Movers plan and execute the movement of military personnel and cargo, be it by air, road, rail, or sea. RAF drivers train and use a unique variety of vehicles from Atlas Loaders and Oshkosh Tankers to Terex Cranes and Aircraft tug tractors.

The Chefs keep our personnel fed, from high-end ceremonial dinners to setting up mobile kitchens in remote and austere conditions. Working alongside them are our Air & Ground Stewards, who get the chance to work in some prestigious RAF events, Specialist Field Catering Services, or transport our personnel around the world as Cabin Crew.


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The RAF Logistics Branch and Trades are proud and delighted to be attending the Big Logistics Diversity Challenge this year. The team are looking forward to linking up with commercial companies and not only participating in the events activities but sharing our experiences with colleagues and external agencies in a completely different environment to the norm. The principles of the event are fully aligned to the RAF’s commitment to supporting and inspiring the next generation of the Royal Air Force but mainly within the Logistics environment inspiring future Logistics professionals across a diverse range of backgrounds and disciplines within the organisation. The core principles of team building and celebrating inclusivity are recognised as key enablers to the future of the Royal Air Force and the Logistics Branch and Trades.