For more than 100 years the Royal Air Force (RAF) has defended the skies of the UK and protected its interests around the world. The RAF currently works with its allies and international partners to respond to threats, prevent conflict and provide assistance in this uncertain world.

The Royal Air Force Officer Training Academy (RAF OTA) equips future Officers with the skills, knowledge, ethos and values for them to succeed as leaders in the Royal Air Force.

RAF OTA provides a world leading 24 week training package covering areas including leadership, military skills, military history, military planning, line management, welfare management, ceremonial skills, as well as a rigorous physical training regime to name a few.

The diverse and highly experienced staff are given expert and continual on-site training to ensure they provide the best coaching to trainees. Partnering with Portsmouth Business School and utilising SMEs from across the Royal Air Force, trainees are given the tools, tuition and coaching to learn about themselves, others and the organisation.

Trainees undertake four 6-week modules where they put theoretical learning into practice across multiple exercises. The first three modules prepare trainees for the summative assessed module, which culminates in graduation on the parade square of College Hall Officers Mess.

From there, the newly graduated Officers will move onto their Phase 2 Trg in one of the 21 branches available to Officers across the Royal Air Force.

Royal Air Force Officer Training Academy (RAF OTA) are delighted to be supporting the Big Logistics Diversity Challenge again and look forward to defending our title whilst promoting our shared messages of diversity and inclusivity.