SNAP is changing commercial road transport across the UK and Europe. 


Get smart, get SNAP.


SNAP Account is the flagship service – the haulage industry’s leading smart-payment system. 


Over 6,500 fleets use SNAP Account to pay for HGV services – all via vehicle licence plate numbers. Each time a driver uses a SNAP Account service, their licence plate gets entered onto the SNAP system, and the fee is added to their monthly invoice – allowing fleets to manage multiple services for all vehicles on one account.


SNAP Account is used for truck parking, vehicle washing, roadside assistance and Dartford crossings. All services appear on an itemised invoice – with no subscription costs, no monthly fees and no hidden extras.


SNAP works with over 420 HGV locations across the UK and Europe, including Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Denmark and Slovakia. 


Other services include SNAP Access & Security and intruck. 


SNAP Access & Security offer industry-leading security packages that combine modern technologies to provide complete security solutions for haulage businesses. We blend expertise, market-leading security products and inventive thinking to protect the people, vehicles, and contents within your site.


intruck is the go-to app for the haulage industry – helping HGV drivers find parking and washing locations in seconds. The app includes contact information, opening times, address details and price lists for over 5,000 HGV locations across Europe. 


intruck users can pay for truck parking at SNAP Account locations throughout the UK and Europe – all via the app.

After the success of 2019, SNAP is supporting The Big Logistics Diversity Challenge again and hopes to add to the growing awareness of diversity in the transport sector.

SNAP backs the promotion of Talent in Logistics and the Transaid Charity, as diversity could be the key to solving the driver shortage and developing the HGV industry.

The event's challenges and obstacles prove the importance and necessity of diversity and how a team can benefit within the transport industry.

SNAP work with a wide array of nationalities across Europe, who represent a variety of races, ages, genders and sexualities. Every driver, fleet and site operator is key to haulage. Individuals of varying backgrounds help to offer different strengths - proving that diversity boosts industry productivity and success.

SNAP take a proactive stance against racism, and we challenge the stigma within the haulage industry and on social media.