By changing the way commercial road transport operates, SNAP is revolutionising the haulage sector and modernising industry procedures across the UK and Europe. Their primary service is SNAP Account.

SNAP Account is the ideal solution for fleet managers and drivers looking to streamline their operations. The innovative smart-payment system can be used for a range of HGV services and will appear on an itemised invoice, with no extra charges, no monthly fees and no hidden extras.

Throughout the UK and Europe, almost 100,000 drivers from 4,000 fleets are paying for their Truck Parking, Truck Washing, Dartford Crossings and Roadside Assistance with their smart-payment, SNAP Account. The entire system is based on vehicle licence plate numbers, meaning drivers no longer have to carry cash. Users can manage vehicles individually, or in groups, based on the services used, and change fleet information at any time, with instant effect, meaning users will never pay for a service they didn’t intend to use.

For more information on the Truck Parking and Washing locations, visit, or download the go-to app for HGV drivers, intruck.

By using SNAP Account, managing your fleet has never been easier. Say goodbye to petty cash, administering receipts and hidden costs. Just a simple, itemised invoice.

Throughout the UK and Europe, SNAP are working with over 100 Truck Parking locations, over 60 Truck Washing locations, over 40 Depot Parking locations and they also provide a security installation service, called SNAP Access & Security.

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After the success of last year, SNAP are supporting The Big Logistics Diversity Challenge again and hope to add to the growing awareness of diversity in the transport sector. SNAP are fully behind the work that is done by Talent in Logistics to promote and aid the Transaid Charity.

To develop the HGV industry and solve the driver shortage, the importance of diversity is becoming increasingly prevalent. The challenges and obstacles that are outlined throughout the day prove the importance and necessity of diversity and how a team can benefit within the transport industry.

SNAP work with a wide array of nationalities across Europe, who represent a variety of races, ages, genders and sexualities. Each driver, fleet operator and site owner are important to the industry, and the diversity within the sector helps to boost the productivity and success, with different individuals of varying backgrounds able to offer different strengths.

SNAP take a proactive stance against racism and we often challenge the slurs and stigma that is associated within the haulage industry and on social media.