Warehouse & Logistics News is the UK’s only fortnightly magazine for the warehousing and logistics industry and has a circulation and frequency which is unrivalled in the industry.

The magazine is distributed 24 times a year in printed, digital and online formats, which suits the needs of today’s generation of industry professionals. We combine the best of printed and new media to get your message to the senior buyers and decision makers in the warehousing and logistics industry.

Published every two weeks by Grandflame Publishing Ltd UK.

Warehouse & Logistics News are proud to be supporting The Big Logistics Diversity Challenge in 2024. We are happy to offer our support or a number of reasons; by working with colleagues from different backgrounds, people become less prejudiced, diversity gives people the ability to hear; it builds understanding and helps people make educated opinions and judgments. Being a part of a diverse group enhances everyone's potential to be successful, colleagues in an inclusive organisation are more likely to have better physical and mental health, while diversity also builds staff morale, positivity and trust between employers and employees. Diversity among staff helps bring innovation, boosting the performance of the company and the entire sector. Members of diverse teams have a range of different perspectives which means they are more likely to spot new market opportunities. Besides fostering creativity, a diverse team can lead to business growth. Also, team building activities such as BLDC, bring the industry closer by laughter, fun and enjoyment, which can only be good!