Volleyball with a twist - teams will bounce their way around the inflatable court as they aim to hit a ball over a net and land it within the opposition’s court.

  • Archery


    Quintessentially British!
    Bow in hand, teams will try to score the most points on the range.
    With arrows flying, will you hit the bullseye?

  • Art Attack

    Art Attack

    Pens at the ready - teams will try to replicate pictures as described by their teammates. But with key words omitted, will the finished pieces be the next Da Vinci or Dalí?

  • Big Diversity Derby

    Big Diversity Derby

    And they’re off! Take part in the Big Diversity Derby as jockeys ride down the straight into the finish; will you be victorious - or will you fall at the first hurdle? In true Big Diversity style, our horses are a little different from the ones you see at Ascot!

  • Blindfolded Face Painting

    Blindfolded Face Painting

    Bring out the makeup artist in your team in this race against the clock to create a masterpiece. Not as simple as it sounds; four team members will become blindfolded makeup artists, four will be painted and two will give verbal instructions to the artists!

  • Bounce Volleyball

    Bounce Volleyball

    Volleyball with a twist - teams will bounce their way around the inflatable court as they aim to hit a ball over a net and land it within the opposition’s court.

  • Bring on the Beans

    Bring on the Beans

    Build it. Pack it. Move it.
    Armed with cups and a basic ‘tool kit’, each team will race across a giant inflatable course to fill their container with beans. This may sound easy, however, there is a twist... the person ‘caring’ for the beans is blindfolded and will be guided by a trusty teammate through the bouncy terrain... How many ‘beans’ can you collect before the time runs out?

  • Capa-Bubble


    Are you ready to learn the ancient art of ‘Bubble’ - and add it to your skillset? Teams will go head-to-head to show how ‘capa-bubble’ they are at controlling their body Zorb to score the most points, turning this into a session of laughs and competition. Get ready to roll, bump and bounce as you try to out-skill your opponents…

  • Catwalk Challenge

    Catwalk Challenge

    CARNIVAL! has come to Big Logistics - and it’s time to strut your stuff on the catwalk in your most daring, brightest and flamboyant headpiece! You’ll have 10 minutes to create three looks before hitting the runway in front of adoring crowds. Will you create this year’s must-have accessory - or will your hat be a flop?

  • Crazy Lasers

    Crazy Lasers

    This challenge will bring out the Stormtrooper in you as you dodge the lasers while trying to beat the opposition through a misty labyrinth of pillars and passages becoming both prey and predator in an exhilarating challenge of high-tech hide-and-seek.

  • Dancing With The Shows!

    Dancing With The Shows!

    Skip, ball, change... JAZZ HANDS! Channel your inner Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers as we dance along to the hits of Broadway! Tap, shimmy, and jive your way to the podium!

  • Diversity Sports Day!

    Diversity Sports Day!

    Bring out your best Mo Farah impression as you compete in the Big Diversity Sports Day challenge! Teams will compete for the highest score across a series of classic sports day challenges to see who comes out on top! Races may include; Hula Hooping, Wheelbarrow Racing, Sack Racing, Skipping, BeanBag Balancing and Tug o’ War.

  • Game Show Bonanza

    Game Show Bonanza

    Two of your favourite TV classics have made their way to Big Logistics!
    Complete the phrase and match the panel in Blankety Blank! (chequebook not included) and 'say what you see' with Catchphrase!

  • Golden Bungee Balls

    Golden Bungee Balls

    Teams will compete head-to-head in an endurance test like no other. Fight against the bungee rope around your waist and retrieve as many golden balls as possible! But be careful when you throw, any balls missing the bucket will not be counted!

  • Haka


    RINGA PAKIA, UMA TIRAHA, TURI WHATIA AND PUKANA! Time to show off your tribe's pride, strength and unity... Which team will perform the best Haka? After 10 minutes of learning and practising, you are invited onto the hallowed ground that is the ‘Big Diversity Challenge Rugby Pitch’ to Haka-off! (Warrior Paint is available)

  • Human Table Football

    Human Table Football

    Teams play against each other to score maximum goals in their allocated time on a HUGE inflatable human table football arena. The object is to play with energy, team spirit, and skill and of course, score those fabulous goals!

  • Hungry Hippos

    Hungry Hippos

    Teams compete to collect as many balls as they can, to feed their hunger. When the game begins, all four ‘hippos’ will try and run to the centre of the inflatable to collect a ball, then be pulled back by the bungee ropes attached to your belt. But make sure you put your balls in your pouch because come the end of the game, if the ball isn’t in the pouch then it isn’t counted!

  • ID Parade

    ID Parade

    Teams test their recognition and memory skills by naming a portfolio of celebrity agents from the world of entertainment. Use of technology is revoked!!

  • It’s A Knockout

    It’s A Knockout

    All the games are fast, furious, and fun for all. Teams compete in head-to-head races throughout the session with the playing of the joker a vital part if you wish to come out on top. Hilarious team-building fun not for the faint-hearted! Slapstick makes a comeback on the Big Logistics Knocked Out! course. Will yours be the first team to negotiate the ultimate inflatable challenge to have all your members proud on the podium?

  • Laughing Yoga

    Laughing Yoga

    Let’s face it, life throws curveballs, but what if we had a secret weapon to combat stress AND improve team spirit? Meet Laughing Yoga!

    Teams will learn why they should be laughing more, with an introduction to laughing exercises and breathing work, all to prepare them for THE LAUGH OFF!

    The challenge concludes with a Big Diversity Laugh Off as they go head to head the other team in a player vs player laugh-off where teams must incorporate our new laughing techniques to include snort, fake, authentic, silent and crying laughter as they face their opponents and attempt to invoke a reaction.

  • Le Mans Soapbox Challenge

    Le Mans Soapbox Challenge

    Armed with prefabricated parts and basic tools, your team must work together to build a soapbox cart before the time is up! Then comes the race… but who will cross the line victorious with their soapbox intact?!

  • Mortar Attack

    Mortar Attack

    One giant leap for all kinds!
    You have all the pieces, but this is no flat pack and there are no instructions. Teams must navigate their way through radio-active waste, launch a solid fuel maroon rocket and make their way back to their crashed shuttle – this is an impressive challenge, with the rocket streaming a smoke trail up to 1,000ft into the air and travelling at over 100mph!

  • Semaphore Whisper

    Semaphore Whisper

    This is a game of Chinese whispers using flag semaphore - a system designed to convey information at a distance. Teams will be split into groups, with one group responsible for delivering the message, one group responsible for deciphering and one group responsible for confirming the final message. The team who guesses the message the quickest wins!

  • Silent Disco

    Silent Disco

    From school disco classics to TikTok viral moves, teams will go head-to-head in a battle to name as many songs as possible based only on dance moves! Only the dancers can hear the music, but can their teammates decipher the song?

  • The 39 Steps

    The 39 Steps

    Good luck secret agents!
    Your mission should you choose to accept it... Is to get your whole team across the 39 Steps without running out of lives. No maps, no clues, everything is stored in your head.. this is a challenging memory test which requires logical thinking. Good luck secret agents!

  • The Mighty Quiz

    The Mighty Quiz

    Put your knowledge to the test in the Big Logistics’ Mighty Quiz! Join us in The Travellers Rest for a battle of the brains, where teams will face off to tackle trivia, crack conundrums and answer their way to victory!

  • Thunderball


    The “toxic waste” must be transported as slowly and carefully as possible to a controlled storage container. More dollars are available for the extra tricks, twists and turns.

  • Toxic Jigsaw

    Toxic Jigsaw

    Complete the jigsaw! But standing in your way is a monster inflatable course that you must tackle first. Will you complete the puzzle? Or are you missing a link?

  • Walk The Plank

    Walk The Plank

    Your team faces the challenge of walking, as a team, on two planks with rope handles. It is great fun and is typically chaotic for the first few steps. As you become organised by communicating, agreeing on procedures, being prepared to accommodate one another, and thinking of the team rather than pure self-interest, then results improve.


Showcase your role in the industry by becoming a Challenge Sponsor.

Our Sponsorship Manager can assist you to select the challenge that best fits your brand and the strategic messages you want to communicate.

There can only be one Sponsor per challenge.


Prior to the Event

  • Dedicated page on the Sponsors section of the official event website with URL link to your company website
  • Social media promotional feeds
  • License to use the “The Big Logistics Diversity Challenge Sponsor” logo

At the Event

Branding during the event to include:

  • Logo placement on the programme
  • Half-page advertisement within the programme
  • Corporate identity on the Sponsors Wall for team photos
  • Corporate identity on sponsor appreciation signage throughout the event
  • Two (2) 4.5m promotional Quill Flags (supplied) displayed on your chosen challenge
  • Entry to The Big Logistics Diversity Challenge for one (1) team of ten (10)
  • Recognition from the stage during the event, thanking you for your support
  • Up to two (2) pop-ups or similar displayed alongside your chosen challenge (to be supplied)
  • All attendees will be gifted a branded water bottle
  • All team members will be provided with a branded event t-shirt

After the Event

  • Corporate Identity promoted across The Big Logistics Diversity Challenge website with a link to your website for a full year!
  • Event photography
Challenge Sponsorship: £2,700.00 + VAT

To discuss your requirements please call a member of our dedicated events team
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